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Faith Technologies Project Spotlight: Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovation Lab

Faith Technologies was proud to be a partner on the Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovation Lab project. Eurofins is an international food chemistry testing organization, and their Madison, WI, location is an integral hub to their work in food safety. They chose J.H. Findorff & Son as the project’s general contractor, who invited Faith to participate based on the value we’ve brought to other laboratory projects.

As the electrical systems contractor, Faith Technologies provided all of the project’s electrical systems including 3,000 AMP main power distribution and 180 kW uninterrupted power supply (UPS), supported by rooftop solar panels. We also supplied critical systems including security access and closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring, a noise cancelling system and the building’s fire alarm system.

Faith Technologies worked closely with the general contractor on the schedule to ensure adherence to design and milestone dates. Another important aspect of this was the project-specific quality control checklists Faith performed throughout the build to validate installation and drawing accuracy. This reduced the final item punch list at the end of the project, which enabled the customer to take occupancy of the building sooner.

As a division of Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI), Faith has the benefit of strong divisional partners to support the work that we do. We followed a lean construction approach to the project, utilizing our Excellerate division to provide 20% offsite manufacturing. This reduced the project-site workforce and decreased the volume of materials needed on site, both of which contributed to project safety. Our Excellerate team created project-specific assemblies which assisted with consistency and supported project turnover dates. This included all panel builds, light fixtures, wire molds, kitted devices, strut racks and hangers, transformers, conduit bends and box builds. Every hour of work in Excellerate saves hours on the job site, improves safety due to the controlled environment and supports a high level of quality control. All of this also contributes to cost savings for the customer.

To support the energy needs of the Eurofins lab, Faith Technologies worked with our energy partner and sister company, EnTech Solutions, to design, manufacture and install a roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) solar unit. This clean, renewable energy system will provide approximately 367,000 watts of power annually, decreasing Eurofins’ use of carbon-based fuels and supporting their environmental initiatives.

As part of our organizational COVID-19 response, social distancing measures were implemented as safely as possible on the project site. With attention to this new type of operating environment, along with our award-winning industry safety practices, our team members continued to exemplify our core value of an uncompromised focus on keeping people safe, and the entire Eurofins job site remained incident free.

Real-time design changes brought continual challenges throughout the Eurofins project. Having a clear understanding of the required outcome, due to our early involvement and strong relationships, kept all teams on track and enabled us to provide the project expertise required for this innovative facility. Faith Technologies was honored to be part of this project.