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Faith Technologies Project Spotlight: Exact Sciences Amenities Building

Faith Technologies was proud to be selected as the electrical and specialty systems contractor by general contractor J.H. Findorff & Son on the Exact Sciences Building 3 project – the Amenities Building. Part of a continued campus expansion and renewal project for Exact Sciences in Madison, Wisconsin, this building was created to provide the company’s employees with well-appointed and highly functional facilities to support their physical comfort and wellbeing.

Exact Sciences is a rapidly growing organization, providing laboratory services for early detection cancer screenings. Consumer support is extremely important for their in-home testing options, and operators in their call center work seven days per week, 20 hours per day. With the call center adjacent to Building 3, it was critical that the work of the call center employees continue uninterrupted by any construction noise or loss of power. Faith Technologies took on the challenge of ensuring call center operational ability by pre-planning the work to consist of the least amount of down time possible, and scheduling that time amongst all affected contractors to occur at specifically designated dates and times.

Some important aspects Faith contributed to this project were as follows:

  • All electrical systems to include LED lighting and controls, distribution, power and alarm systems.
  • Audiovisual requirements, including within the full auditorium space for employee presentations.
  • Security and camera systems within the entire 101,000-square-foot building project.

Thanks to our team’s involvement with construction of other buildings on the campus (see previous blog post), we were able to provide consulting services and constructability suggestions to ensure this build fit into the campus seamlessly.

Building 3 was designed to meet the culinary needs of Exact Sciences’ team members on the campus, with dining facilities consisting of a 25,000-square-foot, two-story high-end kitchen and cafeteria, as well as a comfortable café and coffee shop. With the open ceiling concept, it was critical that all electrical raceways be hidden or concealed in non-visible spaces to uphold the beautiful architectural design, consisting of high-end windows, ceiling tiles and light fixtures. This dining area was also designed to support large presentations, banquets and social gatherings.

The completed Amenities Building features more than 80 types of fixtures incorporated throughout the dining, kitchen, café, offices, common spaces and fitness rooms. Thanks to the work of Faith Technologies’ programmers, these fixtures and their customized control packages were carefully yet expeditiously completed to complement the overall aesthetics of the facility.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the project phasing required to complete this build in the middle of the fully functioning campus. With other Exact Sciences facilities already occupied, it was imperative to provide provisions to keep the staff safe during construction. Because Building 3 shares a utility service that feeds other already occupied buildings, all power shutdowns had to be coordinated weeks in advance to ensure the customer did not experience any safety issues or working disruptions during the outage.

Similar to dropping in the final piece of an already assembled puzzle, the design of Building 3 had to be created to exacting standards for all connections to be made between the existing commercial office building and manufacturing and production facilities. What resulted was completion of a missing link, the heart of the campus, a beautiful and functional building providing Exact Sciences team members with needed facilities to support the work they’re doing to change lives. Faith Technologies was proud to be recognized with a Gold award from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Wisconsin Projects of Distinction awards for our work on this project.