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Faith Technologies Project Spotlight: Gateway

The Gateway building project is a low-rise office structure which serves as the new Design Center of Engineering for Plexus Corp., located in downtown Neenah, Wis. With their global headquarters across the street and manufacturing facilities nearby, this leader in electronic design, manufacturing and services needed even more space to support their growth, development, and innovations.

Due to previous successes and strong working relationships, both the developer and the general contractor sourced Faith Technologies well in advance of ground breaking to fill the role of design-build contractor for electrical. This led to project success through several preconstruction wins including Faith’s proprietary SmartStart process, conceptual estimating systems, and detailing with Robotic Total Stations (RTS).

  • SmartStart: With a proven track record for bringing planning tools and efficiencies to the table, this project used Faith’s Excellerate manufacturing and design-build planning expertise to drive total man hours down by nearly 12%. Early involvement in the planning led to many execution efficiencies including conceptual estimating for early project take-off, and detailing to RTS execution greatly increasing primary time productivity. Adding in our Ladders Last safety policy, combined with a reduced number of people on site, also created the ultimate equation in safety.
  • Conceptual Estimating: As a means of driving the design-build process, our specialized team of conceptual estimators was able to pull a history of similar projects, and through rationalizing the details, create a baseline budget. This budget was used with the general contractor, developer, and client to create consultative conversations about best practices, such as energy-efficient lighting, and overall building necessities and luxuries. While the conceptual estimating team had only limited details and minimal time to complete, they were able to provide project numbers that were within 7% of the final core project.
  • Detailing and RTS: As a means of controlling cost, quality and safety, Faith’s team leveraged engineering documents to expand them into detailed installation guides. These were used in conjunction with RTS to create installations that were 80% faster than traditional methods with an accuracy rating of greater than 99%.

With a new facility that boasts more than 85,000 square feet, timing and accurate execution was key. Through Faith’s use of integrated systems and special competencies, this project was a great win for the general contractor, developer and client thanks to its on-time completion ahead of core budget, and most importantly, with a perfect safety score.

Congratulations to all the project team members involved!