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Faith Technologies Project Spotlight: SECURA Insurance

In the fall of 2016, Faith Technologies was invited to bid on the headquarter complex for SECURA Insurance in Appleton, Wis. Although this project is not yet complete, Faith Technologies has already been a trusted advisor on this progressive development.

Faith’s early involvement, along with in-depth understanding of engineering best practices, have resulted in substantial early savings of money and time. “If it weren’t for the total collaboration between trades, between engineers and with the client, we could have never achieved the early savings results we have. We simply looked at the project from a different lens,” said Scott Haldiman, Faith Technologies’ preconstruction manager. This different lens was worth a significant value. In analyzing the project and distribution as a whole, including feeder materials, routing, redundancy, distribution equipment, generator sizing and quantity, $1.5 million was pulled from the budget.

An additional $1 million savings was realized through analyzing code and specifications used by the original engineer of record. Faith was able to simplify many of the designs, but also increase scope and add quality upgrades to essential areas such as generator design, distribution design, network design, integrated systems and Power Monitoring Systems by Schneider Electric.

“The early savings allowed SECURA to spend their money more wisely on needed items, and also enabled us to offer options for additional scope or quality based on their needs,” Haldiman said. For SECURA, this included generators with greater flexibility and redundancy, electrical distribution metering, solar power generation, electric vehicle charging stations, and power monitoring software via Schneider’s Square D™ Facility Advisor.

“The Faith and SECURA teams working on this project developed a trusting relationship early on, and the strength of the relationship has helped SECURA both save money and create a better design,” said Clint Dusenbery, SECURA Facility Manager. “The Faith team asked great framework questions of our engineer of record after learning the importance of redundancy for SECURA, ultimately helping us change paths on recommendations for generator power, switching, and overall power distribution,” Dusenbery said. “Faith has brought great people to our project, who care about their work product and are proud to do the work they do.”

Faith Technologies is honored to be part of building SECURA’s future home, and we look forward to providing updates to this project as it is completed.