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Faith Technologies Project Spotlight: SoCore Dairyland

SoCore Dairyland is a 20 MWdc solar project comprised of 14 sites in western Wisconsin and northeastern Iowa. This effort is part of SoCore Energy’s agreement with Dairyland Power Cooperative to enable them to accomplish their renewable energy goals. According to figures from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the project approximately doubled existing solar generation in Wisconsin, and was the first large-scale deployment of single-axis tracker arrays in the state.

Sites began coming online at the end of 2016, and planned completion date for the balance of project sites is this summer.

Faith Technologies has partnered with SoCore on more than a dozen previous projects, and was pleased to be their go-to solar construction partner for these ground-mount solar farms. We mobilized within an extremely short timeframe to meet SoCore’s impending start dates (to ensure the sites remained on track with expected schedules and commercial operation delivery dates), and effectively managed this project from start to finish, including qualifying and managing subcontractors, procuring pricing, and handling work schedules and logistics on all sites through testing and commissioning.

Faith played a critical role working with SoCore to develop viable solutions across multiple project locations to meet Dairyland’s needs in a timely manner. We supported the project permitting processes, and also addressed technical challenges during construction, working closely to find the most cost-effective and efficient options for resolution. Data provided from the field was quickly translated into solutions and simultaneously executed by Faith and the subcontractors. Up front, timely, and open communications with SoCore regarding schedule changes, and re-sequencing projects as needed kept progress moving forward and active, even over the cold winter months.

Faith’s Integrated Projects Group (IPG) provided crucial leadership for this project, assessing each site and ensuring leaders worked in unison to support all locations to maximize resources. Additionally, our Excellerate preconstruction services supported an average of 3.5-4.5% of work at each site, including inverter assemblies, conduit assemblies, and assemblies for distribution panels. Our industry-leading safety standards, including daily Operational Risk Management (ORM) jobsite meetings for both Faith and subcontractor team members, also helped drive this project’s safe, successful completion.

The SoCore Dairyland project was the Winner of the “2016 Projects of Distinction” award by Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and the Solar Energies Industries Association (SEIA). It was also recognized by RENEW Wisconsin. Faith was able to execute the SoCore Dairyland project successfully by utilizing our knowledge, leadership and flexibility to navigate the complexities of a multi-site project.

Many thanks to all involved!