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Faith Technologies Project Spotlight: Two Light Luxury Apartments

The Cordish Company, a global development leader, has made their mark in establishing the downtown Kansas City Power and Light District. Their One Light, Two Light, and (in development) Three Light high-end apartments sell and deliver on “Beyond Luxury. Beyond Expectation.”

At the center of the Cordish Kansas City developments was the JE Dunn construction team, acting as general contractor. After the completion of the One Light project in Kansas City, JE Dunn saw an opportunity for a more experienced electrical partner for the next project. Faith Technologies was invited to the strategy table early on the Two Light project, and we were able to identify time- and cost-savings opportunities that leveraged our preconstruction planning, Excellerate manufacturing, and nationwide team of experts.

Faith’s significant experience building high-rise structures across the country made a huge impact in the success of Two Light. Tools such as the labor tracking matrix, and our policy of providing a turnkey proposal rather than bidding strictly for cost, enabled us to implement best practices for scheduling and resources, driving on-time project delivery.

Some of the benefits of partner-integrated planning included the ability to leverage Excellerate, enabling us to reduce labor cost, cut waste, and increase safety throughout the duration of the project. This also reduced the general contractor’s labor costs for other subcontractors, and contributed to less manpower and congestion on site throughout the project.

JE Dunn trusted Faith and our level of expertise, but what they didn’t expect was the comprehensive partnership that brought them game-changing efficiencies through our nationwide network of projects. “We would not have been as successful without the knowledge, experience and dedication Faith brought to the table,” said Jaymie Bullard, JE Dunn Project Manager.

While some in the construction industry pride themselves on consistency, Faith Technologies, with like-minded partners, looks to plan, implement technology, and leverage best practices that help drive positive industry change.