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Faith Technologies: Quarter 1 NPG Project Spotlight

National Projects Group - croppedIn my previous blog article, Travel Jobs Reinforce Importance of Developing Relationships, I explained how travel jobs often require additional resources that our National Project’s Group (NPG) support staff can provide.

Two of these additional resources include centralized manpower assistance and licensing. In the past, when project managers were in need of extra manpower for out-of-state projects, for example, they would spend time contacting other branches and/or locating workers local to an area. Today, with the aid of NPG, project managers are now able to focus on operational aspects of the job, while NPG assists with locating additional staffing for these projects.

NPG processes have streamlined nationwide recruitment and staffing efforts, which has been proven project after project. One project in particular, an industrial job recently completed in Conway, AR, needed assistance obtaining local staff, as well as assistance obtaining electrical licenses required for working in that state.

Our NPG support staff assisted the employees in obtaining their journeyman licenses and apprentice registrations, and as a result the company was able to send many of its own employees to staff this project to fill the additional manpower needed. NPG also contacted multiple local Arkansas contractors and recruited new electricians to assist on the job.

One project manager on this job had the following to say about our NPG support staff’s assistance: “We gave them the job description and details, and they reached out to other branches and contractors. Finding extra manpower can be a huge time consumption for us all, but having someone we can call to help get the right people to the project is a great help.”

It’s a rewarding feeling knowing NPG’s efforts are recognized and appreciated. Stay tuned for more project examples of how our group is helping us “get work.”