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Faith Technologies Recognized as Master EcoXpert™ at Digital Power Leadership Summit

Faith Technologies was honored to be recognized as a Critical Power Master EcoXpert™ Partner of Distinction at the Schneider 2020 Digital Power Leadership Summit in Montpellier, France. The summit was developed around the theme of Resilience: Simple, Safe and Robust Energy and consisted of global master-level EcoXperts (four based in the United States), and top Schneider Electric Digital Power business leaders.

Resilience in energy is becoming more important within our connected world. In fact, electrical demand is expected to increase more than 60% in the next 30 years, even though we are becoming increasingly more efficient. This increase in demand will be driven primarily through smart devices/Internet of Things (IoT) and computing/processing capability. It will also drive a need for increased reliability. Truly, energy is a critical component for everyone and every industry!

Being a critical resource, utilizing platforms such as Schneider’s EcoStruxure™ critical power solutions will become a necessity for monitoring and controlling energy. Critical power solutions are IoT-enabled technologies to deliver improved availability, safety and operational effectiveness. These solutions begin with the ability to monitor energy usage through a variety of available metering products for electricity, water, air, gas and steam. Connecting the metering equipment to edge-layer software, such as EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, gives clients the ability to visualize, trend and report on their energy consumption over time. Then using this data with advisory services, such as EcoStruxure Power Advisor, an analytic-based cloud service, provides predictive capabilities. This gives customers optimization of system performance and peace of mind through proactive system maintenance.

As the world turns to more interconnectivity via IoT-enabled devices and power electronics, power quality must also be taken into consideration. Computer power supplies and energy-saving devices such as LED lighting and variable frequency drives for motors can create noise on the electrical distribution system – this is known as harmonics. The more of these that are connected to a distribution system, the more likely the system is to suffer from poor power quality. This can then be manifested in the failure of electrical equipment, transformer overheating, motor failure or more. It is estimated that power quality issues account for in excess of $15 billion a year in equipment failure and downtime. Proper diagnosis of power quality problems through metering can lead to the development of solutions, such as Schneider AccuSine active harmonic filters to remediate power quality problems.

Faith Technologies was honored to be recognized by Schneider Electric and have the opportunity to present our story of transformation, technology integration and marketplace disruption. We look forward to continuing to provide robust solutions around critical power, enabling our clients’ success and redefining what’s possible!