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Faith Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern

My summer internship experience at Faith Technologies is coming to an end, and soon I will be heading back to Pittsburg State University to complete my final semester in Environmental and Safety Management. This has been my very first summer internship experience, and I have learned far more in the past three months than I ever imagined. As a safety intern out of the Lenexa, KS office, my passion and interest in safety has reached a new level, and my expectations of Faith as a company have been exceeded.

During my time at Faith, I was able to participate in more than 15 training classes, gaining hands-on experience, and developing skills and competencies important in the field environment. Training is one of the most unique aspects of Faith in my opinion, and there is no doubt the company is driven to develop its number one asset, its employees. I also believe that training plays a huge part in achieving our first core value: an uncompromised focus on keeping people safe. Without training, our leaders in the field would not have the tools and resources to safely and efficiently complete the tasks at hand.

The time I spent visiting jobsites was one of my favorite experiences this summer. I was able to interact with numerous crews who provided valuable insight on safe work practices. It was motivating to see policies and procedures on paper being executed in the field environment by people who care about their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Everyone was very interactive and accepting of an intern asking them countless questions to get to know the project better. I was able to work through problem-solving and critical-thinking scenarios in the field that will be valuable to take back to Pitt State and improve the safety curriculum, while giving credit to Faith’s innovative way of thinking.

Faith Technologies’ What’s Your Why? safety campaign and overall safety culture will set my experience apart from many of my peers who also participated in internships. It is so important that as a leader in the industry, we continue to strive and improve in areas where other companies very likely would settle.

The desire to continuously improve and redefine what’s possible is what sets Faith apart and makes it a great company to be part of. Every person I was in contact with throughout the summer made a positive impact on my experience in some shape or form, and I am very thankful to have worked with a cutting-edge organization and knowledgeable, welcoming group of individuals.

Savannah Mitchell is a student at Pittsburg State University majoring in Environmental and Safety Management. She is one of 51 interns and youth apprentices currently working at Faith Technologies.