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Finding the Good in an Unprecedented Year

2020 has certainly been an unprecedented year; how many times have you heard or read a statement like that this year? How many of you are looking forward to a precedented year in 2021 – is there such a thing?

While we certainly didn’t anticipate the global pandemic of COVID-19, we’ve all learned ways to cope, to adapt and to hopefully come out stronger – that goes for individuals and for businesses alike. As we close out the year at Faith Technologies, we’re taking a look back at some of the ways we learned to adjust and support each other and our partners through these times. Below are a few of our blog highlights:

  • As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that elevated body temperatures are a common indicator of COVID-19 infection, many businesses began checking temperatures of the people coming into their buildings. Having individuals perform temperatures scans can cause bottlenecks when numerous people are entering at once, and even more importantly, can expose those performing the scans to potential infection. Faith Technologies quickly began to procure and install thermal imaging systems at facilities across the country such as schools and manufacturing facilities.
  • Many healthcare facilities began to experience capacity restraints due to sudden increases in patient load. Faith Technologies was proud to partner with HGA and The Boldt Company in the design, development and manufacture of STAAT MOD™ units, creating modular healthcare facilities that could be delivered and deployed within months instead of years. Working with our manufacturing partner, Excellerate, Faith also supported the development of Emergency Deployable Medical Units (EDMUs) to support immediate needs for healthcare space.
  • When the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic, Faith Technologies immediately directed all employees who were able to work safely from home, and that directive has continued through the year. Our Business Technology teams have worked to support our team members through various off-site work issues through our digital workplace initiatives which began long before the pandemic but were accelerated to meet the unforeseen needs that 2020 brought. Strict COVID protocols were enacted on all of our field job sites and continue to be updated based on the most recent CDC guidelines, as well as local and state requirements.
  • Another area in which we’ve had to adapt is our employee training through Faith Technologies University. The pandemic caused us to discontinue in-person training at our sites across the country, but gave us the opportunity to re-think how training is delivered. The team at FTU redesigned entire curriculums and worked to ensure that our apprenticeship program and ongoing employee training have been able to continue.
  • Faith Technologies has an award-winning wellness focus, and we realized that our employees’ wellness needs were changing due to the pandemic. Numerous new resources have been provided to team members this year to continue to support not only their physical wellness, but also their emotional, social and financial wellbeing. Extra efforts have been made to stay in touch with off-site employees and remind them of the free resources that are available, to help through difficult times.
  • We were very proud to receive the Construction Safety Excellence Award from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Willis Towers Watson in early 2020, which we welcomed as a recognition of Faith’s culture of caring for the body, mind and soul of our employees. The pandemic didn’t stop us from talking with employees around the organization and sharing some of our safety best practices with the industry through our Charged! safety video series.

At Faith Technologies, we’ve made changes to the ways we work and have been able to end the year on a strong note. This is solely due to our team members who have continued to work safely and smartly to drive success. We also greatly appreciate our business customers and partners who have weathered the storms of 2020 with us. Here’s wishing you a healthy, safe, more precedented 2021!