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Five Cross-Fit Marketing Exercises for Highly Functioning Companies

With all of the talk about holidays and New Year’s, and then how to get back on track afterward, it’s no wonder we feel exhausted both physically and mentally as we close out the year.

While there’s no secret weapon to ward off extra pounds, here’s some advice on how to approach your New Year with five “power packed” cross-fit combinations that redefine corporate synergy and create high-impact marketing plans for 2017. 

Combination 5: Marketing + Sales = Top & Bottom Line Revenue Growth 

While likely the most obvious match of the five, this dynamic duo can create the most tangible results. With productive metrics such as source and cost per lead, lead conversion percent, and quality-of-earnings ratios, metric-based marketing can bring results with big payoff, according to Chuck Cohn in his “5 Metrics to Apply to Sales and Marketing.” While the concepts are logical, don’t be deceived: it takes persistence and diligence to track the payoff, but it’s worth the effort.

  • Reflection: How much time do you waste tracking the wrong metrics? What could you gain by simplifying your approach?
  • Action: Analyze your metrics and use only the most impactful for 2017.

Combination 4: Marketing + Internal Engagement & Alignment = Focused, Productive Advocates 

According to, an internal marketing strategy treats employees as ‘internal customers’ who must be convinced of a company’s vision as aggressively as ‘external customers.’ When each individual is given the opportunity to understand their role, its purpose, and the reason the company does what it does, they’ll understand what your core purpose is through relatable language and specific examples. Your messaging will penetrate even the “noisiest” environments, helping to create loyal brand advocates who take care of your customers better than ever.

  • Reflection: Do you have a diverse workforce who needs information differently? Do you know how to reach them?
  • Action: Set a meeting with your internal communications team to brainstorm communication methods that break through the clutter.

Combination 3: Marketing + Research & Development = Thought Leadership through Innovation

The only constant is change. That expression couldn’t be truer in how marketing and research and development play a key your organization’s brand identity. Through PR efforts and industry publications/associations, organizations can engage with peers from a position of insightful, innovative perspective.

  • Reflection: Who leads change within your organization? Is what they are doing different than others in your market?
  • Action: Create a 2017 PR budget, assign an owner and start with quarterly pitches. Use your team to reach your next new target client through blogs, authored pieces, or news releases.    

Combination 2: Marketing + Recruitment = Large Targeted Pools of Highly Qualified Candidates recruitment-marketing-image

As evidenced by the success of rising organizations like SmashFly, “Recruitment Marketing” is bringing metric-smashing results to the table. Using savvy sales and marketing techniques to attract and engage key recruits, organizations can take a more proactive approach to their recruitment efforts.

  • Reflection: When was the last time your recruitment team evaluated their value proposition to candidates? What do you offer that no one else can touch?
  • Action: Create a task force containing marketing and human resources to be each other’s advocates for collaborative efforts. Together, map out the “New Recruit Journey” to identify opportunities for marketing makeovers that will hit candidates like a Super Bowl ad.  

Combination 1: Marketing + Safety (or insert your own number-one value) = Cultural Fit for Top Performance  

It’s so easy to get behind something we personally believe in; the workplace is no different. When we have well-aligned values – for Faith Technologies, that number one value is safety – we find emotional congruency with the messaging, which leads to buy in, passion and performance, according to Dr. Kerry Schofield. When multiplied across an organization – more than 2,200 strong in our case – that leads to organizational harmony and success.

  • Reflection: How often are your values in front of your teams, in the office, floor or field? How often are you sharing the vision and expectations of your culture?
  • Action: Engage with your leadership team to build quarterly (monthly is even better) employee touchpoints to reinforce your vision, mission and values, and the cultural expectations that create a winning organization.  

Don’t let these impactful ideas die at the end of your read. Take out your calendar and schedule kick-off meetings now, or, whitespace on how you’ll create “Cross-Fit Marketing Synergies” across your company in 2017. Cheers to making it count!