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Five Ways Mental Health is Prioritized at FTI

For 75 years, the month of May has been recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. At FTI, we’re committed to supporting the total well-being of our team members – mind, body and soul – and we’re proud to be recognized by Mental Health America (MHA) with the Platinum Bell Seal Certification for the third year in a row. This award is based on workplace policies and practices that influence worker mental health outcomes, including workplace culture, benefits, compliance and wellness programs.

While we appreciate and celebrate the recognition by prestigious organizations such as MHA, our focus each day is on supporting the mental health of our team members. Here are five important ways we prioritize mental health at FTI.

  1. Culture of Care Pledge: It all starts with commitment. FTI encourages all team members to sign a Culture of Care pledge. Team members pledge to do their part to build a culture where everyone feels safe, respected, valued and accepted. We have a special culture, and we hold everyone to the same standards of empathy, kindness and respect.
  2. Mental Well-Being Training: To ensure our team members have access to mental health resources, FTI has dedicated mental well-being training for leaders and employees. Leader training modules equip and prepare them for conversations and/or situations around mental health, while providing strategies to safely respond to mental health crisis situations. All-employee training centers around understanding common mental health conditions, using strategies to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and spotting warning signs for mental health issues.
  3. Culture of Care Check-Ins: FTI also practices Culture of Care check-ins, which provide an easy way for team members to share how they are doing, ask for help or gain a listening ear from a co-worker. Check-ins can be a routine part of the day or happen in the moment when a team member may be feeling overwhelmed or stressed. We encourage open and supportive conversations, allowing a safe space to get the help they may need.
  4. Enhanced Employee Assistance Program (EAP): In 2024, FTI transitioned to an enhanced EAP offering which provides expanded services to team members and their families with quicker access to mental health care. It features instant access to care options that align with personal preferences and lifestyles, including in-person, video conferencing and text messaging, and 24/7 access to an in-house care navigator team to help guide their mental health journey.
  5. Time to Recharge: FTI’s Time to Recharge paid-time-off benefit allows us to emphasize the importance of mental health and taking time off to support our well-being. Each full- and part-time team member receives two hours of paid time off every month, separate from their typical PTO hours, to use toward self-care, training or professional health services. Since introducing Time to Recharge in August of 2021, 92% of our employees have taken advantage of this benefit with over 110,000 hours used!

FTI is working to change the conversation around mental health with our dedication to a culture of care. We’re focused on supporting the development of respectful and empathetic employees and fostering a supportive, caring and safe environment where mental health conversations are normalized.