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Health Risk Assessments Show Positive Results

Health Risk Assessments Show Positive Results - croppedMy last blog article, Why Are Health Risk Assessments Important?, discussed the value in companies offering health screens to their employees. Faith Technologies’ annual Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) have resulted in several employee success stories. Below are a few we’d like to share:

Through his HRA, an employee learned cholesterol, body fat, triglycerides, and GGT liver function were in the extreme risk level. He immediately scheduled an appointment with his physician and started a diet and exercise regimen to better his health. Over the following 4 ½ weeks, he met with his physician regularly where he was given direction on his plan toward optimal health and had his progress monitored. He reversed his HDL/LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, decreased his blood pressure to 110/75 (from 155/105), and lowered his GGT liver function to a normal level. These lifestyle changes prevented him from starting blood pressure medication, as well as future medical procedures to correct these health issues. Over the course of 4 ½ months, he has lost 65 pounds by exercising approximately seven hours a week, following a healthy diet, and using online weight loss tools such as MyFitnessPal to track his eating habits and exercise minutes. As a result of these positive behavior changes, he now has increased energy and is living a healthier lifestyle.

The results of another employee’s HRA noted extremely high levels of calcium. She called her doctor to inform them of her results right away, and another blood test was done to verify the levels. She was diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism. The only cure is to remove the overproducing gland, so as a result, she recently had surgery to remove the gland. She is extremely thankful that this issue was caught early through the HRA, and not found through any complications.

A third employee used her HRA as an opportunity to get assistance/guidance in losing weight. She spoke to one of the HRA nurses about her weight gain concerns, and was referred to Physicians Weight Loss Center where she lost her goal of 40 pounds in just a few short months. She later set a personal goal of losing an additional 20 pounds, which has also been a success. The key to her weight loss has been exercising and eating a healthy diet. Through all of this, she also raised her HRA score by 14 points! She is grateful Faith Technologies offers annual HRAs and the opportunity to make our employees and their families safer and healthier.

These success stories are confirmation that the Health Risk Assessments are doing what we hope – allowing our employees and their spouses to identify possible health risks and seek additional treatment in order to take charge of their health!