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Honor Your Why – Vote Today

Through the hustle of the season, it can be easy to lose sight of the meaning behind the holidays. Said another way, through the hustle of our businesses, it can be easy to lose sight of the meaning behind our company missions.

Interestingly enough, those two statements aren’t all that different. As a matter of principal at least, it begs the question to dig a little deeper with our WHYs (and sometimes Five Whys) to really get to the importance that will drive our actions, our decisions and our hearts.

For Faith Technologies, we have been digging deep all year long, keeping the question “Why?” in front of us, no matter if the answer is SAFETY, INNOVATION or supporting our COMMUNITIES.

WHY Safety? Our People.

At Faith Technologies, leading with SAFETY is our most important core value, and one that each of our team members holds personal accountability for. When we wake up every day, weekends included, we ask ourselves why doing our next task safely is important to us. Is it because we are one payment away from taking that new toy out for a joy ride? Is it because our grandkids will be at our house this weekend wanting to play? Is it because our new puppy needs that walk tonight to burn off some pent up energy? No matter our reason to do that next task safely, we encourage our team members to always ask that same question to remind ourselves of what’s most important to us EVERY SINGLE DAY.

WHY Innovation? Our Clients.

Analyzing data, crunching numbers and envisioning what we can do better, we keep asking “Why?” Why did our client scope this? In addition to what needs to be accomplished, what altruistically do our clients want to accomplish? How can we create solutions that don’t just accomplish the goals, but crush them? Our clients are at the center of our WHY, and because of that, we systematically seek out innovative solutions in everything we do, from connected buildings to energy sustainability, smart construction to lean manufacturing. Driving value for our clients is absolutely why we continue to innovate.

WHY Community? Our Homes.

From the Midwest, to the Deep South, both east and west, we are truly blessed with caring, thriving communities and neighbors. As such, showing our support to those communities we call home is equally important to us. We don’t just work in our communities, we live in them too, and we all thrive when our communities flourish.

So WHAT’S YOUR WHY? How will you celebrate your people, your passion, your places? We invite you to start here and join us as we reflect on an amazing year. Please click on the image above to watch our annual holiday video and VOTE to make someone’s 2019 even better. Faith Technologies will be donating $5,000 to one of four amazing charitable organizations. Honor your WHY – vote today!