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Inside Faith Technologies’ Job Shadow Event

As a young adult, did you know exactly what career opportunities were available for you, post high school? I didn’t, and I remember thinking how valuable it would be to see first-hand what the world has to offer, before making a big life decision. Today, as a human resources professional for a national electrical and specialty contractor, I’m excited to provide youth and young adults with opportunities to explore their options and consider a career in the trades.

Faith Technologies’ job shadow events are full-day experiences where students have the opportunity to explore a variety of careers at Faith Technologies including estimating, engineering, preconstruction, prefabrication, project management, opportunities in the electrical trade, and more. The event includes a variety of hands-on activities, speakers, lunch, and a facility tour.

Let’s walk through what a day at Faith’s job shadow entails…

The event begins with introductions and an icebreaker activity, a brief overview of Faith Technologies, and an inside view on our safety culture. With safety being one of our core values and the way our teams begin each and every day, it’s crucial for the first activity to focus on it too. The safety presentation includes an overview of our Operational Risk Management (ORM) boards, trying on some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and a quick exercise through our Stretch and Flex program.

After the students discover the importance of safety, they are introduced to a project manager who explores what their typical day entails and what it means to successfully lead a project. The project manager introduces the group to a hands-on activity, where they can apply their new project management knowledge. During this “friendly” competition, the group is separated into teams. Each team delegates a project manager, calculates an estimate for how long it will take to complete the activity, and manages productivity to ensure they meet their estimate. The team who successfully completes the activity first, is the winner and receives a prize.

Next, students have the opportunity to engage with several members from our preconstruction group. An electrical engineer discusses their role and demonstrates the importance of wiring and electric currents through another hands-on, mind-challenging activity. Students also get to explore some of Faith’s newest technologies with a member from our virtual construction team including BIM-in-a-Box, Robotic Total Station (RTS), and our newest technology – the 3D laser scanner.

The last activity before lunch includes a guided tour through our prefabrication/manufacturing facility where they get to see the inner-workings of our assembly and logistic operations. During the tour, students also participate in a scavenger hunt that is fun, engaging, and offers more prizes!

After lunch, the day concludes with three trade related activities directed by experienced journeyman electricians and specialty systems technicians. During these challenging hands-on activities, students wire a demo fire alarm system, bend conduit, and assemble a patch cord termination.

Faith’s job shadow event is an invaluable learning and career exploration experience for youth and young adults. Our goal is to provide students with a new perspective on careers in the trades and we hope they are able to see a clearer picture as they begin making their next big life decision!

It’s been rewarding to host these events and to hear positive feedback from the attendees about how much they enjoyed the job shadow experience! I look forward to working with some of the students in the future and meeting many new and eager-to-learn young adults.

Interested in attending or know someone who is? Our next event, on May 13, is approaching quickly! For additional event details and registration information, please visit our company website under Hiring Events.