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Is Your Future Based on a Solid Foundation?

IMG_8821Did you know information and data technology consume over 10% of the world’s power? With 20-40% of the average Fortune 500 Company’s annual costs in IT, it’s no wonder data centers are under the microscope.

Deploying newly-developed technologies like Google AI to run your data center is the future, but if your data center isn’t based on a solid and robust design, technological upgrades can be too costly, and in turn, your data center could soon become obsolete.

Try explaining that at the next board meeting!

If the basic infrastructure is well-thought-out and built so that all systems can easily be accessed, then upgrades can be done with minimal impact to operations and budgets. Maintenance and inspection considerations should also be part of any design and build.

At Faith Technologies, our team of engineers, electricians, technicians and professional project managers take client’s wishes and translate them into the most practical solutions possible. Our team has the knowledge and experience it takes to update and maintain data centers, ensuring upgrades and enhancements are simplified, cost effective, and able to stand up in the real world.

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