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It’s the Team That Makes the Difference

BIMWhen it comes to building information modeling (BIM) and detailing, most are familiar with the tools of the trade – Revit, Robotic Total Stations, Navisworks, iPads, and BIM in a Box. However, despite all of the technologies available, it’s the individuals – the VDC/Detailing staff – that require years of development, experience, and continuous updating that we can’t perform our functions without. 

Faith Technologies’ founder, Rollie Stephenson, said it best when he utilized the phrase “Excellent people – serving the best” when it comes to our VDC/Detailing group.  With the general premise that detailing’s function of reviewing and enhancing project documents provides prefabrication opportunities, decreases field labor time, increases productivity, and prevents rework.

Our group has more than 275 years of combined experience as field electricians, engineering knowledge, and software expertise. You would think anybody who possesses these skill sets could be a good detailer if not great.  What we have found out though is the group is most successful playing as a team. A teammate to each other elevating the strengths each possesses and filling in where others haven’t had as deep of work experiences.  Performing layout tasks in the preconstruction phase and consistently communicating with the field staff.

Last week, Courtney Johnson wrote about planning your perfect career, communicating career path information, and career exploration within the company. Over the last year we’ve conducted a dozen job shadows with current employees. The shadowing opportunity provides our employees a chance to explore other potential positions within the company, as well as set a plan on what is needed to be successful in a field support role.

I’m often asked, “of all the skills written about the VDC/Detailing role, field knowledge, layout, software, engineering”, what is the most important?  The answer is simple – work ethic and teamwork. If these are strengths then we would expect that they have pushed learning what they can, and will continue to do so to learn the remaining skills.

Faith Technologies’ tagline, “IT’S ABOUT CONFIDENCE. YOURS.”, is more than a tagline – it’s our commitment as a company and the key to our success at all levels of the organization including the success of the VDC/Detailing group. We are currently seeking new talent, so if you’re interested in joining our  hardworking team, please contact me for more information!