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Leveraging BIM Technology for Safety

For years, Faith Technologies has been using building information modeling (BIM) for the same reasons as other contractors and general contractors; to coordinate mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems within a building to ease the installation process and shorten installation times.

Today, Faith Technologies’ virtual design and construction (VDC) and safety teams are leveraging BIM/VDC modeling and detailing for an important new reason. Our teams are working together to identify “high risk” assemblies and work flow processes to make projects safer.

As VDC detailers are working with operations personnel, they are identifying prefabrication assemblies that could become safety risks to install on the job site. Once identified, our safety team is engaged to review the prefabrication assembly and identify ways to install it safely, such as breaking the prefabrication into smaller pieces, if necessary.

Critical factors such as weight and hoisting points are determined to understand the safest method of installation for field personnel. This also helps the safety and operations teams identify early on the need for any special tools that may be required to complete the installation of the prefabricated assembly.

Here at Faith, we’re also utilizing BIM models to add important information for our lock out / tag out (LOTO) procedure. As models are created, VDC personnel are creating versions that can be tracked and updated on a daily basis, then used to track which pieces of equipment are energized, who locked out the equipment, when the equipment was tagged out, etc.

We are very early in development of this workflow and have just scratched the surface, but are excited to leverage this technology to make all Faith Technologies projects the safest possible places to work, and to ensure each of our employees remains safe on the job every day.