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Licensing Plays Key Role at Faith Technologies

Faith Technologiesmap-year-2016_website is so much more than just an electrical contractor. Through our use of innovation, design, and technology, we continue to grow year-after-year. Our skilled trade employees are instrumental in our continued growth, and it’s because of them, we’re able to keep up with the demands of the growing construction industry.

What you often don’t hear are the “behind the scenes” efforts that go into helping skilled trade workers with their proper licensing needs. At Faith, we have an entire licensing department dedicated to this crucial part of doing business in the industry.

Today, we have more than 1,400 licensed employees – and of those, more than 400 with multiple licenses – totaling more than 2,200 licenses between the different jurisdictions. That means we have more than 1,400 employees highly-trained and knowledgeable in the areas of electrical or low voltage electrical work. These individuals are licensed in 37 different states (!), and that doesn’t include those who don’t have employee licenses, or who only require a single company-level license holder.

Our licensing department does a great job working to acquire and maintain the licenses needed to position Faith with a strong workforce, so that we can work virtually anywhere in the United States. They work behind the scenes, but very closely with the different groups and departments in our company to ensure employee’s licensing is up-to-date. From expediting the acquisition of licenses for new employees in collaboration with our human resources team, to working closely with our estimating team and group managers to recognize the availability of our labor for perspective work. They proactively provide information on the number of electricians available for projects in new jurisdictions, cities, and states, and look at where existing licenses can be transferred to other states through reciprocity, which enables employees to move from one jurisdiction to another.

Licensing requirements are certainly not always black and white.

Due to Faith’s growth and expanding presence, our team spends a lot of time researching and advising on changing licensing requirements, as well as and coming up with new and innovative ways to obtain licenses faster, so that new hire employees can be on the jobsites performing work sooner.

Faith’s licensing department is one of the many keys to our success, as we continually look for new ways to stay ahead of licensing trends. They are educated, and often go out of their way to communicate at training and on-boarding events to have face-to-face communications with employees, which is essential to keeping our workforce properly licensed. As our company continues to evolve, our licensing department will too, ensuring our workforce is strong and ready to complete work anywhere, any time.