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Many Paths, One Mission: Women in Construction Week 2023

Women in Construction Week is observed annually during the first week of March, and this year marks the 25th year of shining a light on the contributions of women throughout the industry.

This year’s theme for the week is ‘Many Paths, One Mission.’ At FTI, that theme couldn’t be more true. We are extremely fortunate to have women working far and wide across our organization, and the paths they’ve taken to get to where they are are as diverse as the work they do.

To celebrate Women in Construction Week, we reached out to the women across FTI and asked them to share about the valuable work they do. Their experiences show that no two paths are alike, and that work in the industry provides challenges and rewards.

  • I chose to work in the construction industry because the jobs I was working didn’t make me happy. Stepping up and leading small projects on a job site is so satisfying. I hope to show other women that we can be some of the best workers out there.  – Jayme, Electrician
  • My attention to detail and ability to ask the right questions allows me to get the job done right and with high quality.  – Caitlin, Apprentice
  • My work strengthens the success of FTI by supporting the bones of a project with modeling and detailing.  – Jennifer, Senior Structural Designer
  • With over 20 years in the construction industry, my roles have primarily been in sales and service operations. The experience and knowledge gained within those roles has given me the ability to bring diversity of thought and introduce a unique customer-centric approach to building out the solution services platform at FTI.  – Kristi, Solution Services Program Manager
  • As a traveling team member with FTI since 2017, I have had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects. I feel blessed to have met so many kind people and have learned so much from my peers.  – Michelle, Specialty Systems Foreman
  • I chose to work in the construction industry due to the amount of impact it has in our community. The knowledge I’ve gained and shared over my 32-year career with FTI benefits in its success.  – Lisa, Senior Operations Administration Leader
  • FTI’s leadership is all about allowing for individual growth, which in turn builds the strength, value and efficiency of the company.  FTI is on the leading edge of our industry, and I look forward to being a part of all this organization will accomplish in my lifetime.  – Mary, Senior Conceptual Estimator
  • I have worked closely with our engineering team to successfully design our modular electrical buildings, contributing to a new era of product and process for FTI. It is my goal to help FTI develop a robust portfolio of innovative and profitable products that will make the organization a global leader of energy solutions.  – Michelle, Director of Product Portfolio Management
  • My roles at FTI have been focused on design and leading others. My contributions of detailed planning, removing barriers, driving process improvement discussions, and coordinating efforts allow the work to be accomplished in a more efficient way. This grows business success and camaraderie and redefines what’s possible.  – Sandy, Engineering Team Lead
  • Initially, I chose the construction industry because of the vast number of opportunities for advancement. Afterwards, I realized how much I enjoyed working in this industry and it opened many doors to a variety of roles.  – Tammy, Program Administrator, Service Cloud

Thank you to the women of FTI! We value the expertise, leadership and passion you bring to our organization and the industry.