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Mission Critical: It’s Your Future

What does the term ‘mission critical’ mean to you? It can be interpreted many ways, but in essence, if it protects life, safety, or is essential to keeping your organization operating, then it’s mission critical.

A recent Credit Suisse study reported by CNN projects that 8,600 American stores will be closing in 2017. Add that to the 2,056 that closed in 2016, and 5,077 closed in 2015, and you can see that online is where you will be meeting your clientele now and in the future.

Your organization’s life depends on your data systems, and your power systems are its heart! So how do you ensure that your technology systems will meet your needs? There are four key components to be mindful of:

  1. Plan: Have a robust design that will allow you to change to meet your company’s changing needs. Build in efficiency, redundancy and capacity.
  2. Build: Have your power systems built for the future; use color coding, clear identification and build in some excess capacity. Empty conduits are cheap to build in and expensive to add later.
  3. Commission: A well-commissioned installation is an investment that can save you plenty down the road. It will insure that what you planned is what you got, and that your system is built to the highest standards, providing documentation for every aspect of your project.
  4. Maintain: No matter how well planned, built and commissioned they are, if you don’t maintain them, your critical power systems will fail. Maintaining all components – breakers, generators, batteries, UPS systems and power distribution – is necessary to give you power to keep your systems running.

How long can you survive without your heart beating? Faith Technologies has a fully-integrated team that can turn your mission critical needs into reliable mission critical systems. From systems engineering, design, build, commissioning and maintenance, Faith Technologies can help you keep your online presence alive.