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New Opportunities

DSCF0030 - cropped2As wireless technologies continue to emerge, the demand for wireless services continues to increase as well. Bandwidth and speed requirements are constantly on the rise requiring expansion of coverage including cellular towers.

Each year, the sales of smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices using cellular data connections continues to grow, which in turn requires substantial investment in wireless infrastructure. How do the telecommunications service companies keep pace? One of the most basic ways is by building and upgrading cell tower sites to hold the cellular transmission and reception equipment.

Wireless networks are expanding their coverage (the areas served by their specific service), and now many are advancing into faster 4G and 4G LTE networks. This new trend has not only accelerated the demand for the cell tower sites we find in cities and along roadways, it has also caused the U.S. energy sector to boom. Along with the rapid growth of the industry, the demand for skilled workers has also increased, and currently there is a shortage of skilled workers within this niche area of the industry.

It is extremely rare to find one company with the manpower available to cover such a large number of sites; yet recently, Faith Technologies has taken on this exciting challenge. Our company has formed a Rollout Service Group (RSG) to oversee small jobs (less than a week) that involve electrical and/or monitoring upgrades, communication upgrades, or some of both, on a large scale. We are currently working with multiple telecommunication service companies to complete the 4G service rollout throughout the country.

The industry has stringent requirements, and this type of work requires specific training. As a result, we have developed an in-depth classroom and hands-on training program for our employees that includes OSHA 10-hour, rigging, competent climbing, and tower rescue certifications.

Faith Technologies is currently seeking candidates for various field positions and could use your help. If you or someone you know is interested in this opportunity, please apply online at