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Open Architecture & Security Surveillance

AXIS Security CameraHow would you like to be told:

  • That you can only use one camera manufacture with your current DVR or NVR
  • That you can only use one card access system manufacture for integration into your video surveillance system or not have the ability at all
  • That you have to buy a block of 16 channels if you want to add one camera
  • That integration with standards-based computer and Ethernet-based information systems, audio, or security systems are not easy and would cost a considerable amount of money to create a custom interface
  • That you can only use one integrator due to it being a closed system

Have heartburn now?  Relax. Open architecture, and a qualified integrator like Faith Technologies, can offer you immediate relief.

Open architecture specifications are public and include approved standards, as well as privately designed architectures whose specifications are made public by the designers. The advantage of open architecture is that anyone can design add-on products for it.  Pierre Racz, President and CEO at Genetec, shares a great aspect on open architecture:

“We believe that the open architecture is the right way to go because the large complex requirements of future systems cannot be solved by a single organization. It is only through the cooperation of several talented organizations and an active user population that truly useful innovation can emerge. We are committed to face the difficulties, to overcome the obstacles and to cooperate with other likeminded organizations to provide our users with innovative solutions.”

Additional Open Architecture Benefits:

  • Interoperable with various network appliances
  • Inherent cost advantage due to open systems components and architectures
  • Can utilize existing IP infrastructure
  • Choice of certified and qualified integrators
  • Standard video compression techniques
  • Leverage wireless transmission technologies

Open architecture also provides scalability and flexibility. It provides a variety of options including the ability to:

Going with a closed architecture/proprietary security surveillance system can be very risky investment. Not only does it limit what you can do, but it also limits future expansion without the need for a major overhaul and a considerable amount of money. With open architecture, you are given the freedom to choose the best technology (i.e. cameras, storage, servers, software, card readers, etc.)  At Faith Technologies, we support open architecture and will review various options with our customers.   Options that will fit the need presently and also be able to support their needs in the future.

Open architecture… now this is what I call an investment!