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Our Culture of Care

Personal wellness is multidimensional. Not only is physical health key to total wellbeing, but mental wellness is just as important. Mental health and physical health are intricately connected, which is why Faith Technologies prioritizes and incorporates caring for employees’ mind, body and soul into all we do.

Feedback from our latest workplace wellness survey indicated that nearly 60% of employees wanted more support around mental health and wellbeing. Coupled with the fact that one in five construction workers struggle with mental health concerns, Faith Technologies created a cross-functional taskforce earlier this year committed to ensuring our culture fosters a supportive, caring and safe environment for employees to bring their best and whole selves to work.

We understand that there continues to be a growing need to raise awareness around mental health concerns, and we’re striving to change the conversation in order to fight the stigma that is associated with it. We aspire to instill a culture where getting help for a mental health concern is as routine as getting help for any other health concern. Through our Culture of Care program, we are regularly providing information and resources to help support that effort and to encourage daily conversations surrounding mental health. Daily Culture of Care Check-Ins allow our employees to think about and discuss, “What’s taking up most of my headspace today?”, or “What’s one thing I can do to ensure my mindset will allow me to be safe, productive and effective today?”

Each of us plays a vital role in building a respectful and supportive workplace, and that’s why we have invited all employees to sign our Culture of Care Team Pledge. This pledge serves to remind each of our employees about the importance of living out our values; treating everyone with respect, acting with integrity, being kind to one another and prioritizing the well-being of others and ourselves. Employees who complete this pledge are considered Culturemakers, empowering us to create a workplace that is welcoming and respectful.

One of the most powerful tools in our employees’ toolbox to fight mental health concerns is education. Earlier this year, we introduced our Mental Wellbeing Academy. Educating our employees and our leaders equips and prepares them with knowledge surrounding mental health, such as learning best practice strategies to support mental resilience, helping others safely cope with stress, proactively identifying warning signs, safely responding to coworkers in crisis and how they can better support themselves and others around them. We have also developed Culture of Care videos that share information about resources available to support mental health.

Just like all of our projects, our Culture of Care is built from the ground up, step-by-step with care and precision. One of the most important building blocks to support our culture is developing a Culture of Care Champion network. These are employees who champion our cause throughout the organization, are committed to promoting positive mental health and can assist with crucial conversations among our employees.

Over the last few months, we have made great strides in fostering a workplace that is aware of, respectful of and comfortable with talking about mental health. We continue to encourage important conversations among our employees on a daily basis, as we work together as a unified team to foster a culture of understanding, respect and belonging.