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Protecting Corporate Digital Presence

Today’s business needs often represent a hybrid approach of on-premise and cloud computing. Cybersecurity teams have invested in people, processes and technology to secure data within these environments. This is a big part of an organization’s accountability, but there’s more! How do you protect against external threats over time?

At FTI, there are several scenarios we watch and which you may want to consider protection for.

Brand & Web Protection

Corporate and brand reputation is crucial to the success of your business. It often takes years to build a positive and trusted image, so it’s important to protect it. Cybercriminals can impersonate your brands by spinning up look-alike sites that mimic your brands. This can cause confusion to your customer or even your own employees. The intent of the cybercriminal is to build confidence that the fake site appears trustworthy. From there they can execute multiple scenarios such as enticing users to click on malicious links, stealing information intended for you or posting non-sanctioned content that harms your brand’s reputation. This can put your company at risk.

Being able to discover impersonated copies of your website can help alleviate these risks. Technologies exist to scan the web for product names, logos, images and other signs of impersonation. Identifying these risks allows you to react and have them removed from the internet.

Social Networks

The proliferation of social media makes for great communication channels to reach your customers and employees. However, that comes with risk. It’s good practice to scan social media sites for impersonations of your company. Some things to look for on social media sites are your corporation’s name, relevant keywords, trademarks, logos and even executive leadership names and photos.

This type of deception poses serious risks, and most mainstream social media channels have ways to report impersonations. The key is being able to respond to these events in a timely manner. Intelligence is powerful, and the quicker a company can counter a cybercriminal, the less business impact and damage can be incurred.

Executive Monitoring

Executives often have external-facing accounts on social media platforms and networking sites with the intent to post content about their company. This makes it easy for cybercriminals to impersonate executives by creating fake accounts.

As a company’s digital presence increases, this is another area a company needs to be concerned with. Cybercriminals can utilize the impersonation of executives for financial fraud, reputation attacks or even trying to steal intellectual property. Executive monitoring services exist if you feel this a risk your business has.

Dark Web Monitoring​

The dark web can be viewed as a hidden community used for good and bad. Cybercriminals often view it as a criminal underground, with dark web forums used for illegal activities. Things like stolen IDs and passwords, credit cards and Social Security numbers are for sale, and the going prices aren’t as much as you would think. Another big risk is for exploits, or software weaknesses to be sold, which can be used to break into your corporate network. So, how can we keep track of the dark web? There are monitoring services available that can scan the dark web looking for your company’s information. Being able to proactively react to threats such as stolen credentials provides security teams with information to quickly mitigate threats.

Is protecting your corporate digital presence something you need to consider? If so, there are many resources and monitoring services available to help you fight back against cybercriminals.