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Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

Most of us don’t give much thought to seeing a doctor when we’re struck with physical illness or injury. That broken arm won’t heal correctly without a cast. That high blood pressure can be controlled by medication.

Why should our mental health be any different? At Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI), we’re striving each day to remove the stigma around mental health. In the construction industry especially, there has long been an attitude of not talking about our mental wellness. Through our Culture of Care, we’re working to remove that stigma. Mental health conversations are being brought to the forefront as part of our overall focus on safety, incorporated into our daily operational risk management (ORM) safety briefings on each job site. We know that sometimes emotional concerns can adversely affect our focus, so being able to tell someone you’re struggling and may need additional assistance or may need to be reassigned to a less taxing job for the day, can help keep you and those around you safer.

Our focus on building a culture of caring starts with our leadership being visible and vocal about the importance of whole-person health. Many of our leaders have been sharing personal stories about what our Culture of Care means to them via our LinkedIn page. Seeing them ‘walk the talk’ about mental health reinforces its importance throughout the organization, encouraging all of us to embrace and normalize mental health conversations.

Each year, the month of May is designated as Mental Health Awareness month. Throughout the month, we’re increasing our efforts to ensure that our team members know what resources are available for any mental health concerns they may have. Our Recharge time gives team members two hours of paid time off each month to focus on any kind of self-care or health services, whether it’s time spent alone, connecting with family or friends, time for personal appointments, etc. Since starting this time-off benefit nearly two years ago, more than 65,000 hours have been used, by 92% of team members.

We’re also honored that our workplace mental health efforts have been recognized for the second consecutive year by Mental Health America, who awarded FTI with a 2023 Platinum Bell Seal. This recognition is based on evaluation of an organization’s efforts in workplace culture, benefits, compliance and wellness programs, and reflects each team member’s commitment to caring for themselves and caring about others – mind, body and soul.

If you or someone you know are struggling with mental health concerns, you are not alone. Please reach out to your healthcare provider, or to one of the many resources available through Mental Health America.