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Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees

Recruiting & Retaining Quality EmployeesAttracting, recruiting, and retaining quality employees is key to growing as a national contractor. While Faith Technologies works primarily in the Midwest, South Central, Great Plains, and Georgia, over the last decade, we have expanded our geographic footprint to meet the needs of our electrical and specialty systems customers who have opportunities outside our respective markets.

Realizing that our people are the single most important part of our success, Faith Technologies developed National Projects Group (NPG), a program designed to support and recognize our employees as they serve our customers outside the areas of our branch office locations. NPG program allows employees to volunteer for the experience and compensation of working on national projects.

The program focuses on five areas:

  • Employee recognition and rewards
  • Project management support of field employees
  • An education program specifically designed for NPG members
  • Incentives for employees to obtain licensing outside their home state
  • Data collection of employee and peer group information to respond to the needs of our clients

To date, Faith Technologies has worked on projects in over 42 states – plus Washington D.C., Bermuda, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Poland – and more than 40 percent of our field employees have volunteered to be a part of NPG. From leadership through entry-level positions, Faith Technologies supports NPG for the far reaching confidence it helps instill in our products, services, and people.

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