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Safety is Personal

FamilyWith so much talk about construction safety programs, we sometimes forget that when it comes down to it, safety is a personal thing.

Your safety programs may have existed for years, and your sites may have the best safety procedures around; yet neither of these things will make you incident-free if you don’t want to be.

The truth is – it is up to each one of us to make a commitment, and accept responsibility for our own safety and the safety of our co-workers. What things can you do? Amongst many things, you need to wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), take the time to perform tasks safely, and watch each other’s back. No one else can look out for you, except you.

Working safely is an integral part of the job, not an extra or an add-on activity. Jobs aren’t done right if we hurt someone, take chances by short-cutting, or do not follow the proper procedures. What counts in the long run is a firm belief on the part of each one of us that we have to do everything we can to work safely.

Don’t let other priorities interfere with doing work safely; don’t take shortcuts or rush to “get the job done;” don’t work safe for recognition or incentives. Work safe because someone is expecting you to come home each day. Each of us have reasons to work safe, the need for someone to watch our back, and the want to go home like we came to work.

Do your role, and encourage all the workers around you to challenge and intervene with others. Every worker on the site is an integral part of your safety program. If you observe something that is not safe – intervene. If they do not take your intervention, be persistent and get help to correct the issue.

Make it a safe day!