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Safety: What’s Your Why?

In life, there are many factors that motivate us to do the things we do, especially when it comes to working safely. Motivational factors vary from person to person when it comes to jobsite safety, specifically, and for many, the reason to work safe is simple – we don’t want to get injured.

Some of us choose to work safely for our family, friends, and the hobbies we enjoy, while others do it simply to avoid policy violations. It’s up to each of us to understand what makes us choose to work safely, so on a regular basis it’s important that we ask ourselves, “Why do I want to work safely today?”

At Faith Technologies, our number one core value is an Uncompromised Focus on Keeping People Safe, and our safety leadership works to remind our employees of this often. In order to maintain this value and achieve this goal, it’s our duty to motivate employees and promote a culture of doing the right thing. We strive for integrity – doing the right thing when no one else is watching – and have recognized that this starts at the top of our organization.

Every month, our CEO, Mike Jansen, hosts a company-wide meeting, and the first item on his agenda is always safety. He reviews Faith’s current safety performance, leading indicators, future expectations and more. Each day, our safety team also distributes a safety bulletin to employees that includes important safety topics as well as motivational messages that relate directly to the work we do at Faith. Employees look forward to both of these communications, and both have proven to be great tools to help us keep safety top-of-mind.

It’s up to each of us to apply our knowledge, our skills and our “why” to make the most informed decisions possible to stay safe at work. With constantly changing work conditions, this can be difficult, yet if we understand why we truly choose to work safely, then we can adjust our thoughts and discussions to impact our outcomes.

What’s your why?