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Seven Critical Marketing Questions To Ask Your Boss

Whether you sit within a marketing department or not, every person within an organization plays a critical role in its brand, reputation and overall “marketing.” To help your leader (and consequently you) be more successful with intentional messaging, consider asking the following thought-provoking marketing questions, and how they can help you deliver quality messaging that sets you apart from your competition.

7. “When was the last time we laid out our competitor’s (fill in the blank) next to ours?” Whether it’s a brochure, proposal, or website, when it comes to customer-facing materials, put in the time to ensure you’re satisfied with how you’re positioned in the market, from the look and feel, to the words and topics you promote.

6. “How much of what we say is about us versus the customer?” This can be tricky for all of us. When you run an analysis, if you notice “we” more than “you,” Eric Keiles, CMO of Square2Marketing, would tell you, it’s time for a recalibration.

5. “When was the last time we asked our customers for feedback?” Whether you use a complex Voice of the Customer approach, or a simple Net Promoter Score metric, knowing how your customers see you and understanding what they value is the foundation for executing to their needs.

4. “Have we considered how we are adjusting our strategy for a younger demographic?” As a cross section of millennials grow into leadership roles, how we present information, the technology we use, and the style of communication must change to reach this audience. Be sure to analyze if you have the right people and tools to support this change.

3. “How does our current brand resonate with new recruits?” Much like communication strategies must change to reach a younger demographic, recruitment messaging must change to support the things they value. Ensure your messaging speaks to employee growth and development, and consider support of local philanthropies for a better tomorrow.

2. “What do we do that is truly DIFFERENT? Do our customers see that about us?” The foundation of a solid business model is finding a differentiated place in the market; even the best business can fail if you fail to tell that story to your customers.    

1. “How well does our team know our story?” You can do everything in Questions 2-7 right, but if your team doesn’t understand your value within your industry, they will be moot points. Take the time to build buy-in, engagement and ownership with your team, and they will help drive the rest.

At the end of the day, there are many other thought-provoking marketing questions you could ask your boss or other peer leaders within your organization, but the key is – ask the questions.

Through the whirlwind of daily fires and executing what’s due next, it’s easy to create a culture of reactionary mode rather than thoughtful planning. When you present your key leader group with well-considered marketing questions that position your brand well, you are likely to help move the organization (and yourself) into a better position.