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Short Service Employee Mentorship Program Leads to Success

At Faith Technologies, safety is our top priority, and we’re continuously investing in new ways to keep safety top-of-mind. One way we’ve done this is through our Short Service Employee (SSE) Program, a program that focuses on the newest members of our Faith team.

Through Faith’s SSE program, we match new employees with mentors for their first six months of employment to train, onboard, and teach Faith’s culture of safety. During onboarding, new employees in the SSE program are given blue hardhats that they’re required to wear on jobsites, which identifies they have been employed with the company six months or less; it does not reflect their experience level or position in the organization. Even Rocky Rowlett, our Vice President of Safety, proudly sported his blue hardhat for his first six months with the company!

When SSEs arrive on jobsites, their assigned mentors are there to help them get acclimated, and are available to help guide them through the expectations Faith has for all team members. Because the SSE program is safety driven, the safety policies and procedures that our team members practice are at the forefront of these expectations, but the mentors are there to help them with any other issues they may have as well.

During their SSE period, mentors teach SSE employees Faith’s key jobsite procedures and evaluate that team members:

  • Maintain clean work areas, free of housekeeping hazards
  • Demonstrate understanding of Faith’s safety culture, adhering to safety policies and near miss / incident reporting procedures
  • Identify and communicate potential hazards to jobsite leaders and coworkers
  • Show situational awareness to tasks being performed, taking into consideration body positioning
  • Actively participate in Operation Risk Management (ORM) processes

At the end of six months, SSE mentors review and evaluate whether or not they have acclimated to Faith’s safety culture successfully. If further training is required, it tends to be for relatively short periods of time and is conducted accordingly.

The success rate of our SSE program overall is high, and once a SSE successfully completes the program, their supervisor or mentor proudly presents them with a white hardhat. We are very proud of all our graduating SSEs, so in the coming weeks and months, as a way to recognize their achievements, we’ll be highlighting their efforts on Faith’s social media channels.

What valuable safety programs is your company implementing?