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Study the World of Tomorrow, Today!

With a national presence, broad client solutions, and a passion for innovation, Faith Technologies is experiencing significant growth, which has increased our need to hire more talented individuals to join our industry-leading team.

It’s no secret the construction industry is experiencing a skilled labor shortage, so to effectively staff our projects, we’ve implemented a ground-up growth strategy to hire and develop our future leaders. This means we’re hiring individuals who share our company values, have positive attitudes, are hardworking and willing to learn, and have the potential and drive to “Lead with Innovation.”

For many of our team members, career development starts with our apprenticeship program. Faith currently employs more than 500 apprentices, an increase of over 50% in 2016! And as we continue to grow our program, we’re now looking to hire an additional 350 apprentices for 2017.

Faith’s apprenticeship program is a great way for young men and women to study the world of tomorrow – today! In fact, we recently completed a short video about our program that outlines some of the reasons to consider stepping into the future with us. Watch below:

There are many benefits to starting a career with Faith’s apprenticeship program, including how you can:

  1. Learn while you earn. Our apprentices work in their field of study and can apply their learning immediately. They get to earn a paycheck while receiving an education.
  2. Apply for scholarship opportunities. Faith offers full tuition scholarships to new apprentices. Our scholarship program promotes academic performance and career accountability, providing tuition-free educational opportunities for our employees.
  3. Graduate without student loan debt. Our apprentices can attend school at little to no cost and earn a paycheck at the same time, rather than accumulating student loan debt in the traditional college system. Did you know the average college student will incur debt in excess of $80,000? An apprentice in Faith’s apprenticeship program has the opportunity to earn an average of $170,000 over the same four-year timeframe.
  4. Begin your career immediately. Upon graduation, apprentices are prepared for a career in their field, as they complete the classroom and on-the-job learning experience required to become a licensed journeyman electrician or technician. The average journeyman wage can be more than $70,000 per year!

Do you know a high school student looking for something other than the traditional college experience? Or a college student looking to get out of the student loan debt spiral? Check out our apprenticeship web page to learn why Faith’s apprenticeship program is a great choice!