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Take These Steps to Increase Your Intellectual Health

Many people think the key to being well is focusing on physical wellness – that you need to eat right and exercise to be healthy. While that is true, there are actually multiple factors that affect your overall well-being.

The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence. This aligns with the six dimensions of wellness model, which includes physical, social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, and intellectual wellness.

Let’s focus on intellectual wellness or intellectual health.

What is Intellectual Health?

Intellectual health or wellness is being open to new ideas, thinking critically, and seeking out new learning opportunities and challenges. It’s being creative and promoting mental stimulation, and involves commitment to lifelong learning.

There are numerous ways to increase your intellectual wellness.  Intellectual health examples include:

  • Learning a foreign language
  • Reading for fun
  • Working on puzzles such as jigsaws, crosswords, or Sudoku
  • Playing a board or card game
  • Writing in a journal
  • Playing a musical instrument

Participating in these activities has been shown to stimulate the brain and increase the connections between brain cells. According to the latest findings in Neuroscience, your brain reaches its peak performance at age 16-25 years, and thereafter, cognitive functioning declines. Exercising your mind gives you faster thinking and reaction time, increased focus and concentration, better memory, less stress, sharper vision and hearing, and a more positive mood!

In September, Faith Technologies is introducing an employer challenge called Brain Teaser. The Brain Teaser is a four-week challenge designed to encourage participation in activities that keep you mentally active to keep your mind in tip-top shape. This will be the first intellectual wellness challenge Faith Technologies has offered, as we continue to focus on a holistic approach to wellness.

How do you keep your brain active? Don’t forget to include some intellectual health activities in your next workout routine.

“My brain is my garden. If I feed it – it will grow; if I nurture it – it will thrive; if it thrives – so will I.” – Jen Chastre