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The Best Years Come with Formidable Change

The Best Years Come with Formidable Change - croppedWithout a doubt, the closing of each passing year instinctively causes us to review, reflect, and renew our commitment to personal and professional goals. For some, it’s the idea of moving up, while others are focused on trimming down; but for people, not unlike ourselves, it’s about something bigger. It’s about making the New Year, the “Do” Year. The year that we take these abstract thoughts of creating change and impact, and get in front of them by making plans and actions that feel good and leave a mark.

Within Faith Technologies, much of that same idea is taking hold – we’re not only looking at change from within, but change we can impact around us with our communities, teams, and partners.

Like many of you, we give where we live, but have you ever felt like your community giving just isn’t enough?  Because our roots are based in the Fox Cities of Wisconsin, much of our philanthropic giving is here; but, as we continue to venture into new and expanding horizons for our business, it provides us the unique opportunity to find novel and worthy causes specific to each of our home towns.  When we combine small local flavor, with our nationally reaching change agents (our annual partners United Way, The Salvation Army and Junior Achievement) our teams unite for bigger impact and bigger change.

And speaking of our teams, there is a lot for our employees to live up to in 2016. With the idea of “moving up” top of mind, and with an internal advancement rate of over 30 percent, we look to provide training, leadership and advancement opportunities for those influential dynamos in our organization looking for growth in the New Year. With succession planning a key enterprise initiative supporting our already strong organizational culture, the opportunities are plentiful and the rewards are great.

But our teams are not the only ones reaping reward. Our partners have noticed change too. Similar to how change can be a gradual evolution, so has our business model. The value our partners get from working with Faith is evident in changes like speed to market, dynamic budget management and even more importantly… innovative thinking and delivery.

For us and our teams at Faith, it’s not business as usual in 2016. It’s business as never done before. So I don’t know about you, but when I think of change, I get motivated, dedicated, and EXCITED. Because if it weren’t for movers and shakers like us, who would set the pace?

To our supportive communities, dedicated teams and committed partners: Have a great 2016 and whatever your goals and inspirations may be – never settle.