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The Business Case for Renewable Energy

Last week, Faith Technologies joined with other members of the renewable energy and sustainability community at the American Family Insurance headquarters in Madison, WI for The Business Case for Renewable Energy conference, hosted by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. The conference was built to demonstrate the options, benefits and details of how adding renewable energy can benefit businesses.

On behalf of Faith, I gave a presentation on the utilization of microgrids to power manufacturing facilities. Using the Bubolz Nature Center microgrid as an example, I explored the case for renewable energy ā€“ particularly solar ā€“ in manufacturing, as the cost of renewables continues to drop. In addition, declining maintenance and operational costs also support the growth of renewable energy options.

The audience raised a wide variety of questions, ranging from wind power and the relation between utilities and renewables, to what the future looks like for renewables and what Iā€™m most interested in seeing evolve. To the latter point, I discussed with the crowd how predictions are stating that by 2040, 50% of all new vehicles on the road will be electric. The challenge will be how our infrastructure will handle the load requirements; it will require a whole new way of thinking about our power distribution grid. Because of the growing load requirements, I predict that although utilities will always have generation capabilities, the future will see more decentralized energy sources, with utilities acting more as providers of distribution infrastructure and managers of when and where energy flows from these distributed energy resources.

Other speakers at the event included RENEW Wisconsin, Masters Gallery Foods, T. Wall Enterprises, American Family Insurance, the Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation, and the City of Madison. There was a great response for this inaugural event with attendance by more than 125 governmental and business energy leaders. Faith Technologies is proud to be on the leading edge of new energy technologies and honored to be part of this conference. How can we support your energy needs?