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The Detailers Behind Manufacturing Detailing

Design Image

As we strive to bring innovation to our industry, Faith Technologies continually evaluates the skills of our workforce. We recently made some enhancements to our virtual design and construction (VDC) team to continue to bring the highest value to our clients.

Our VDC team is made up of both VDC detailers and manufacturing detailers. But what’s the difference?

VDC detailers are typically electricians who usually have a minimum of seven years of hands-on field knowledge, including a great deal of layout experience during this portion of their career in the trade. We train these individuals in Revit and Navisworks software to be able to apply their field knowledge to complete layout and fabrication drawings on projects, which assists in the installation process for our operation teams. In essence, our VDC detailers build projects in virtual reality settings prior to the installations in actual real world projects.

Manufacturing detailers support our manufacturing build teams for products that we consider to be ‘manufacturable.’ For the most part, these individuals do not have any previous electrical field knowledge, but rather a focused knowledge of creating and designing manufactured products. The drawings created by this team are completed in entirely different software options for authoring, such as Inventor or Fusion 360; they are very high end and include every item that will be needed to complete a build.

Actual Image

Manufacturing detailers work right alongside our product line managers as new items are created or revised. This is a very rigid workflow in comparison to how we have accomplished these designs in the past, and includes items such as temporary power carts, solar panels and eHouses, and the list grows by the week. Looking at the images here of the actual products and the drawings produced by this team, it’s pretty amazing to see the level at which we are able to produce these manufacturing documents.

There is quite a difference in the details of what each of these teams provide for Faith Technologies’ internal and external clients. Together we work to ensure that we are engaging the right detailer as we move forward down this path of innovation!