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The Value in Value Added

The Value in Value Added - croppedI always enjoy reading the LinkedIn discussion topics that pop up from the various groups I belong to. Some are packed full of valuable industry trends, and some turn into debate forums on what needs to be improved in our industry.

Recently a posting in Construction Executive’s LinkedIn group titled ”Value…what does it mean?” really peaked my interest. In it the author discusses how contractors need to add more value than their competition, and continue to do things that will make customers stand back and say wow! The key to this statement is the customer saying wow; unless the customer expresses that wow factor, the contractor should recognize that they have met the customer’s expectations, but not exceeded them.

When Building Information Modeling (BIM) first entered the industry, it had that wow factor. The thought of seeing a building in 3D added a lot of value to a customer. They could make better design decisions, which would result in a more efficient and cost effective space for operating their business. Utilizing BIM, contractors started detailing complex mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to resolve coordination issues prior to installation. This too adds value to the customer, as less field coordination issues mean less change orders and a quicker construction process.

Subcontractors today continue to find more benefits in the BIM models – modeling components for prefabrication, accurate quantities for estimating, and Smart BIM Objects – just to name a few. In my opinion, the “value” in value-added is an industry which continues leveraging technology to become more efficient and exceed customer expectations – a win-win for everyone.