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The Value of Corporate Energy Management

The growth of Faith Technologies’ Corporate Energy Management practice is exploding. Higher energy demand, the politics of climate change, cost of energy, regulatory compliance and globalization are spurring our partnering customers across Industrial, General Building and Critical Technologies segments to seek out ways to drive energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Faith’s Energy Management Solutions team integrates data from water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES) meters and data sources, as well as data from the production environment. Including the latest in lighting upgrades with advanced lighting controls, advanced building management, renewable energy solutions, micro-grids and IoT solutions, Faith’s solutions span the entire energy management space.

Up to 30% of energy used in buildings is wasted due to inefficient or non-integrated/non-connected assets, energy management systems and building automation systems. What can improving that efficiency mean to you?

  • 10% to 15% reduction in energy use in general buildings, data centers and industrial/manufacturing environments.
  • 5% reduction in unplanned downtime, and 15% reduction in asset maintenance costs.
  • Combining production and energy data into a production energy management system (PEMS) positively affects the entire supply chain, adding significantly to the bottom line.

There are a number of actions you can take to control energy usage and increase efficiency.

  • For users, educate people on efficient use of energy and act on business-related procedures.
  • For loads, replace or renovate aging loads (lighting, motors, HVAC), and implement intelligent load control (variable speed drives, regulation systems, lighting control).
  • Optimize quality and availability of reliable power by measuring and improving site power quality, implementing backup generation and renewable energy sources, exploring co-generation means, and understanding cost of production.
  • Optimize supply costs by using the right tariffs specific to load profiles, and gain knowledge to increase revenue.

At Faith Technologies, our energy management customers have optimized equipment and energy performance levels at all of the key energy-use areas, including lighting, HVAC, office devices and production equipment. We supply data intelligence everywhere through connected devices from the plant floor to the top floor. Faith also relies on renewable and non-polluting energy sources to keep your energy green, with your site energy needs satisfied, and while contributing excess power to the community (zero/positive energy).

At Faith, we work to help you drive behaviors toward energy reduction and to understand your true cost of production at a deep level. So, what’s the value of corporate energy management to you?