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Three Reasons to Choose Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship versus CollegeHave you ever been told that the only way to a successful career is a college diploma? What about that the trades are for those who can’t get into college? For many years, apprenticeship has faced a stigma of being an option for those who couldn’t get into college. This isn’t true!

Apprenticeship programs are actually quite rigorous. Graduates must have an understanding of the laws of physics and mathematics, as well as be able to apply these theories in a real-life setting. The rising costs of college, coupled with mounting student loan debt, make choosing a career in the trades increasingly attractive.

Below are three reasons why choosing an apprenticeship program is an excellent alternative to the traditional college experience:

1.  Apprentices graduate without student loan debt. The Wall Street Journal dubbed the Class of 2014 the most indebted class ever with over 70% of students in debt, and the average graduate owing $33,000 upon receiving a diploma. For the last decade the student loan debt per graduate has increased each year, along with the percentage of students utilizing loans to finance their college education. Additionally, the average student loan debt is increasing at a drastically higher rate (35% since 2005) than the median salary of a college graduate, which has actually dropped by 2.2% during that same period.

Apprenticeships, on the other hand, are affordable. In 2013, the average four year electrical apprenticeship cost approximately $2,000 per year, including tuition and textbooks. Apprenticeships do not require financing through student loans. In turn, apprentices graduate without the burden of immense student loan debt.

2.  Apprentices graduate with a full-time job. I recently read an article in USA Today, which cites a study of graduates of four-year colleges. The study found that 45% of graduates were not working in a job that required their degree, and 42% feel overqualified for their current job.

Graduates from an apprenticeship program spend four years learning the hands-on skills necessary to have a successful career in their field. Upon completion of an apprenticeship program, graduates take a journey-worker exam to become a licensed professional in their trade, and continue working full-time for their employer, eliminating the strenuous post-college job search plaguing so many college graduates today.

At Faith Technologies, apprentices are taught the hands-on skills necessary to build a career as an electrician. Faith Technologies also uses the apprenticeship program as a pipeline into various development paths throughout the company, so apprentices who are interested in areas such as engineering, estimating, or project management can further develop their careers by receiving additional training in these areas.

3.  The job forecast is high. As the nation recovers from its most recent recession, experts predict that a revived market will result in an increase in development opportunities, paired with a shortage of skilled workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the demand for electricians is on the rise, estimating job growth of nearly 30% over the next decade.

Contractors like Faith Technologies are hiring workers of all skill and experience levels. If you show a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and desire to learn, we can teach you the skills you need to have a successful career as an electrician. Apprenticeship programs allow an individual without experience gain the knowledge and experience to not just have a job, but to create a career.

Are you a high school student looking for something other than the traditional college experience? Or, are you or someone you know interested in a career with a growing electrical contractor? Visit Faith Technologies’ apprenticeship web page and job board to learn more about why an apprenticeship may be the right choice for you!