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Top Websites & Mobile Apps To Get In Shape

You are in the mindset to get yourself in shape… that’s the first step. You bought new running shoes, stocked your kitchen with healthy snacks… now what? Maybe you need help sticking with the commitment of getting into shape and being healthy. That’s where technology can step in! There are some great free websites and mobile applications available that can help you with your goals and stick to your plan of getting in shape.

  •  This website offers a calorie counter and meal plans, personalized fitness program, tons of recipes, articles and videos! SparkPeople focuses on offering many resources to its users and has a great success rate with long-term weight maintenance. They also have an application for iPhone and iPod Touch to stay on track at all times!
  •  This site provides a personalized diet profile, support and motivation from other users, your own personal food database, as well as a food and activity tracker. All the tools you need all in one place! They also offer a free mobile app for iPhone and Android so you can log your meals and exercise on the go!
  •  LiveStrong offers tools for nutrition, fitness and health specific to men and women. It also offers health resources such as the MyQuit Coach to help you live a smoke free life. The site also has a feature that allows you to click and drag the path of your runs/bike rides/walk on a Google map, and then generate statistics for how many calories you burned based on that map. LiveStrong offers their Calorie Tracker and MyQuit Coach as a mobile app as well!
  • LoseIt.comSet goals and establish a daily calorie budget. Track your food and exercise, as well as get support and motivation from others. The detailed online reports also help you track your progress. Also available as a free app on the iPhone!
  •  Do you have more success when you challenge others? Then this site is for you! Create challenges with other members and compete against them. It also allows you to track your emotions and level of fatigue which may be getting in the way of your goals.
  •  FitDay allows you to set weight goals, log what you’ve eaten using their food library or your own nutritional information, and the site creates pie charts to let you see where your calories are coming from (fat/protein/carbs). FitDay also has a mobile app to allow you to track your food intake, exercise, daily/weekly/monthly goals and long term analysis of your journal.
  • Google Goggles:  Available for the iPhone and Android. Use this app to snap a picture of any food label and it will tell you all about the product: nutrition information, the company’s website, where it’s sold and more!
  • Map My Fitness:  Accessible on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android, the Map My Fitness app is a GPS that you can use for your walks, runs or bike rides! You can map out the distance, pace, speed, duration, elevation and calories burned.
  • Run Keeper:  Run Keeper is a mobile app that allows you to create different running paths, provides interval workouts, manual entry for treadmill and other cardio equipment, and features a heart rate monitor.

These websites and apps are like having your own personal coach.  They are able to show you whether you are making progress with your goals, and if not, maybe where you need the most help.  Tracking your calorie intake and exercise is one of the most important and successful weight loss strategies you can do.  Try some of these tools out for yourself!