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Training Week Model Supports Excellence and Provides Value

Faith Technologies’ culture values the personal and professional development of our employees by providing educational benefits such as apprenticeship programs, tuition reimbursement, high potential leadership training, and a robust internal learning and development program. While I typically discuss apprenticeship training, I’d like to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on Faith’s learning and development program as a whole.

One of the many ways that Faith’s Learning and Development team supports employee education is by offering training weeks throughout the year. During quarter one of this year, Faith made a significant educational investment by hosting six training weeks in our Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin locations with record attendance of more than 1,000 employees who attended training for one to five days, depending on their job’s training requirements.

Prior to developing the training week model, employees were taken off the jobsite for partial, sometimes full, days to participate in training and development. This often occurred several times throughout the year, creating a disruption in the flow of work and manpower. By bringing training to the employees and providing more opportunities to complete requirements at one time, Faith has increased jobsite productivity – a value to our customers and employees. With the training week model, Faith provides an environment that allows employees to meet all required training needs in a short period of time vs. meeting a few requirements here and there throughout the year. Now, we can strategically plan when an employee will be away from the jobsite or office so our operations can continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

As a national company, Faith employees are regularly located throughout the country. One of the greatest benefits to the training week model is the opportunity to bring our team together when they may have never had the chance to meet. This allows training classes to be filled with the thoughts, opinions, and perspectives from employees in a variety of career roles, geographical regions, and work environments. Employees find they are able to share ideas and open dialogues to learn from project experiences, both good and bad. These conversations enrich the curriculum and provide an invaluable learning asset to the employees who attend the training weeks.

Several years ago, the Learning and Development team developed our own mission statement: “Support the growth and development of all employees to achieve individual and organizational excellence.” The training week model is just one of many ways that Learning and Development and Faith Technologies, support the continued growth and development of our employees, while staying true to the company’s value of excellence.