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Travel Jobs Reinforce Importance of Developing Relationships

Travel Jobs Reinforce Importance of Developing Relationships - croppedIn an effort to better serve our clients outside our branch office locations, Faith Technologies has been involved in many large travel projects. Last year alone, Faith Technologies completed 192 projects in 47 states! These projects require additional resources that our National Project’s Group (NPG) support staff can provide: centralized manpower assistance and licensing.

Centralized Manpower Assistance:
Putting together a crew for a long-term travel job can be very complex, and many times requires collaboration between NPG and multiple branch offices. In addition, many of these jobs require the utilization of leased labor, either from another contractor or from staffing agencies. Centralizing this service allows us to understand the company’s staff needs, and better assess upcoming travel opportunities.

Strict licensing laws require the continuous support of NPG’s licensing administrator. The company has developed a strategy to ensure we have an adequate number of employees licensed in the state we will be performing work in to remain in good standing with each state’s licensing laws.

Ultimately these travel jobs have reinforced the importance of developing and maintaining strong relationships with other electrical contractors and staffing agencies. We understand the challenges presented to all involved, and continuously work to demonstrate how Faith Technologies can provide value to help everyone succeed. The resources of our NPG group, combined with the relationships established, allow Faith Technologies to best serve our customers.