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University of Oklahoma, Four Partners Place Coming to a Close

University of Oklahoma, Four Partners PlaceEarlier this year, Faith Technologies began work on its largest data center project to date – Four Partners Place – a 75,000 square foot multi-tenant office facility and 13,000-square-foot data center owned by the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Okla.

The three tier data center is a great new addition to the University, as it will consolidate its high performance and mission critical computing assets into a single dedicated and secure facility. It is also intended to house the equipment for the University’s Supercomputing Center for Education and Research, Department of Physics and Astronomy Physics Research, and Information Technology’s Network Operations Center.

Faith Technologies’ scope of work comprises the electrical construction, which includes emergency generators, computer lighting, automatic transfer switch and paralleling switchgear, a full distribution system, and a fire alarm system. All the MEP raceway piping, panels, and equipment were modeled utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM), and detailing and coordination were used for all building systems, structures, and site installations.

Four Partners Place has been designed and will be constructed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. Faith Technologies is honored to be part of this innovative project, and is scheduled to complete work in July 2012.