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Video Analytics

Video AnalyticsIn almost every article I read about video analytics, the message is the same – what video analytics can do for you. I would like to take this one step further; ask yourself the following:

  • What business needs can be solved by utilizing video analytics?
  • Can I get a Return on Investment (ROI) by using video analytics for that specific need?
  • Can I minimize risk by using video analytics? 

With IP Video Management Systems (VMS) currently overtaking traditional analog systems, now is the time to draw intelligence from stored and live video. 

What are common uses for video analytics? 

  • Asset Removal
  • Camera Tampering
  • Counting
  • Crowding, Grouping, and Loitering
  • Infiltration of unauthorized vehicles and people into restricted areas
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Tailgating of people and vehicles through secure check points
  • Tracking of people, vehicles, and boats
  • Unattended Objects
  • Vehicle in a no-parking zone or parked on side of highway
  • More Functionalities

What is the value of video analytics to your company?

While security should be at the forefront, video analytics can be used for so much more. You can review areas, in each department, where video analytics could fill a business need. What business needs can video analytics help solve?

  • Distribution/Logistics (i.e. register arrivals/departures, track trailers, assess damages)
  • Employee Management (i.e. analyze employee patterns)
  • Marketing (i.e. understand customer buying tendencies)
  • Operational ( i.e. detect intrusion to minimize/prevent theft and vandalism)
  • P.O.S. (i.e. instant notification of overrides, fake scans, and returns/voids)
  • Security (i.e. secured parking via License Plate Recognition (LPR), identify tailgating)
  • Speech Pathology (i.e. watching lips in motion and forming shapes)

I’m betting that one, or more, of the business needs above somehow resonate with each department at your company. Why not use video analytics as a form of business intelligence (BI) or as a source for business efficiency?  In going through your list of needs, ask yourself if video analytics can make a return on investment or reduce the chance of risk.

Overall, video analytics can be used to solve business needs while gaining a return on investment and/or reducing risk. I hope these examples will open your mind to help you discover business needs for your company. Being creative may save your company a large amount of money.