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Who’s Faith: The Electrician of the Future

Faith Technologies offers an in-house, nationally accredited apprenticeship program where employees can get hands-on experience and earn as they learn the skills required to be an electrician. What sets us apart? Using cutting-edge 3D modeling and BIM technologies, our electricians are setting new standards in the industry. These technologies enable us to focus on being more efficient and effective in order to increase productivity and safety on the job sites. Our teams also work closely with customers to better understand their energy needs and to provide the best possible solutions for their operations.

Check out our latest video here, and see the testimonials below from a few of our Faith Technologies Apprentices!

Chris Boeve: Electrical Apprentice Indentured — Year Four

“I chose Faith Technologies because of their well-respected internal apprentice program. The instructors, program, and facilities are top-notch and prepared me well to obtain my journeyman electrician license. Finishing the program, Faith has worked with me one-on-one in determining my career path goals, potential and how to successfully get there. The opportunities seem endless and my career here is well underway!”

Charlie Nelson: Specialty Systems Apprentice — Year Three

“I chose the apprenticeship because I felt that it was the best way to learn the skills associated with my position and I was able to get paid to learn! I chose Faith Technologies for my apprenticeship because I had seen Faith professionals in the field before I began, and I knew I wanted to be one of those professionals. Faith’s apprenticeship program gives me the opportunity to gain knowledge and hands-on training in all aspects of my field, network with other professionals both within and outside of Faith, and learn new ideas and techniques from my fellow classmates. In the future, as a licensed BICSI Technician I will be able to provide the best solutions and support for our customers and my company through the education and training that Faith Technologies provided to me and will continue to provide to others.”

Louis Wilkinson: Electrical Apprentice Indentured — Year Two

“I initially chose Faith Technologies’ apprenticeship program because of two things. The first is the caliber of individuals employed by Faith. Faith employees have an uncompromised focus on safety and making a difference in our clients’ lives. This also directly results in a difference in our lives when we reap the benefits of our core values and good work ethics. The other reason is the fact that at Faith, the sky’s the limit. You truly are a product of the effort you put into your work. The apprenticeship program is great because you have the best of both worlds. You earn and learn as you grow. Whether you have 10 years of experience or 10 minutes, the program structure is set up to challenge you and make you grow as a Faith journeyman. The teachers care about the students and do their best to make sure the curriculum is transparent.

During a recent strategic planning meeting, I had an opportunity to meet one of the influential men behind Faith, our CEO Mike Jansen. I didn’t know what to expect, but he was everything I hoped for. An intelligent leader with a sense of humor and a driving force that has propelled our company into a position as a major player. Although a lot of information was shared during the meeting, the part that stood out for me was the abundance of opportunity and growth that the company wants to invest in its employees. Meeting him motivated me to be a better Faith employee. They have changed my life and in doing so, allowed me to change other lives that I have had the pleasure to come in contact with. Faith is a great opportunity, great benefits, along with incredible growth potential. They say you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take; don’t miss out on Faith.”

To learn more, watch our “Who’s Faith: Electricians of the Future” video to find out how you can be a part of an industry-leading company.