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Why Does Productivity Matter?

Productivity2Productivity is more than just a buzzword. In today’s environment, it’s a requirement for anyone doing business, and is most critical in the competitive construction business. Yet high productivity does not happen by accident. It is driven by focusing on planning and incorporating specific strategies that involve using the right processes, ensuring key expectations are well-planned and executed, and making certain there is collaboration throughout an organization. It takes team effort.

When every employee focuses on productivity, it becomes ingrained into an organization’s culture. I’m proud to work for a company that lives that culture. Faith Technologies’ unique and successful productivity program differentiates us from the competition, and adds significant value to our customers. It has also become an integral ingredient in our rapid growth. The additional business fuels monetary rewards, as well as job security for our employees.

The major contributors to Faith Technologies’ productivity success include:

  • Focusing on the Basics: We concentrate on making sure we do the basic things (key project expectations) that we have identified and know contribute to project success.
  • Identifying Issues/Risks Early: We Identify issues/risks early in the project cycle and take effective corrective action immediately. It would be impossible to cover all projects, but we focus first on requests from project leaders completing reviews on their projects, providing them a productivity score, and helping them and their team identify key areas needing attention and improvement.
  • Following the 80/20 Rule: We identify projects we will review utilizing the ‘80/20’ Rule – also known as the Pareto Principle. This rule of thumb that states 80% of outcomes can be attributed to 20% of the causes for a given event. It helps us identify key projects, and determine which operating factors are most critical and should receive the most attention based on the efficient use of our resources.
  • Requesting Feedback: We continually request suggestions/ideas from those who perform the work, and integrate those suggestions across all projects. The number one key element in our success is the individuals who perform the work every day and respond to identified improvement opportunities.

For us, collaboration is working together to realize our shared goals. One of the main responsibilities of our productivity department is to facilitate collaboration across all of Faith Technologies’ support functions. This enables us to coordinate different ideas and innovations from numerous people and projects to generate best practice knowledge that is shared throughout our organization. Knowing why a project is more productive is important, but sharing that knowledge among all Faith Technologies’ projects and support functions is critical to our success and the overall satisfaction of our customers.

Why does productivity matter to your organization?