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Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association Conference

Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association (WHEA)Sometimes the value of being a member of an industry association and attending its many events cannot be measured in an awarded project, but rather the damage that could be done by not attending. This may well be the case for the 46th annual Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association Conference held on September 21st in La Crosse, WI.

The conference kicked off with a cocktail reception at the Radisson Ballroom. When you put a group of highly motivated competitors in a room together you would expect fireworks, but nothing could have been further from the truth. As one of the few subcontractors exhibiting at the conference, I spent the night with a group of general contractors and designers, reminiscing about past battles won and lost, and playfully throwing jabs about battles to come.

The next morning was ‘game day.’ Neale Rass, fellow Business Developer with Faith Technologies, and I headed to the La Crosse Center to man our booth. The turnout was as good as any show I have attended, and the level of engagement by the various healthcare systems demonstrated the value of us being there.

The WHEA show was a great success. I was able to strengthen building relationships with general contractors, architects, and engineers that I have worked with in the past, as well as forge new ones with future partners. We were able to keep Faith Technologies in the forefront with our current customers, while at the same time, educate potential customers of our capabilities. Most of the WHEA attendees felt that this was the most worthwhile conference of the year, and will be looking for new ways to capitalize on the exposure for next year’s show, which again will be held in La Crosse, WI.