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Women in Construction Week

The first week of March is designated annually as Women in Construction Week. While we appreciate the work done by the women of Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI) every day, we’re honored to shine a light on their contributions during this time.

Women in Construction - Jennifer

In an industry that has historically been heavily male populated, women have worked hard through the years to ensure they have a voice in the trades. At FTI, we’re thankful for the hard work, passion and dedication of women at all levels of the organization, from helpers and apprentices to project managers and vice presidents, and everywhere in between.

To celebrate Women in Construction Week, we reached out to a number of our team members to hear what working in the trades is like for them. They shared some experiences and advice that others can apply to continue building successful careers:

  • Go for it. Be willing to take on the challenge.  – Kayla, Senior Safety Manager
  • Become a subject matter expert in your field, build trust with others and always continue to grow and improve. – Audrah, Procurement Agent II
  • There is opportunity for anyone who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and produce results that add value. – Geri, Program Manager
  • Nothing is impossible. Just start somewhere. – Jennifer, Field Technology Tools Team Lead
  • Reach out to other women and build a network that supports you. – Adrienne, Preconstruction Manager
  • We have a different point of view of how things work and it’s invaluable. – Sara, Associate Preconstruction Manager
  • Being a part of the construction industry allows me to contribute to our culture of productivity, safety and innovation – DeDe, Productivity Specialist
  • It is not always easy but if you believe in yourself, your abilities and have a great mentor, you will succeed in this industry. – Chandra, Technical Training Consultant
  • You can do anything you set your mind to. I’m proof that women can succeed in this industry. – Brooke, Leased Labor Talent Partner

Thank you, to the amazing women of FTI and in the construction industry as a whole! We’re all stronger because of you!