Palermo Villa

The beautiful Palermo Villa facility includes the corporate offices and a complete production facility that was constructed with the ambiance of a traditional Italian villa in mind. A stone fountain surrounded by colored concrete compliment the artwork imported directly from Italy during the family’s travels. The offices and store look out over the courtyard to culture the feel of an outdoor eatery.

Behind closed doors, the 300,000 square foot state-of-the-art production area houses a complete bakery, pizza assembly line, freezers, and shipping docks. There is also an immense research and development area designed for the cultivation of new and improved products.

Faith Technologies’ scope of work not only included an electrical risk assessment and all of the 26,000 volt primary service equipment and (2) 4,000 amp 480 volt secondary services, it also included all of the buildings lighting and power. Extensive work on the power and user interface was required for the ammonia system, used to cool and maintain the storage and production freezers.



Palermo Villa

General Contractor

Miron Construction


Milwaukee, WI


300,000 square feet