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News Releases

Faith Technologies Launches New Blog

Menasha, Wis. (October 27, 2010) – Faith Technologies, a full-service electrical and technical systems provider, recently announced the launch of a company blog available at The blog is a collaborative effort of eight employees speaking weekly on topics such as service, preconstruction services, safety, sustainability, industry trends, leadership, and technology.

“Our goal is to provide useful information in small quantities that can be quickly scanned and absorbed by busy professionals,” says Krista Knabenbauer, Marketing Specialist with Faith Technologies. Blogs have become a huge part of the corporate world, and we’re extremely excited to be able to share news and ideas through this exciting medium.”

The blog is also a source to access Faith Technologies’ news releases and news coverage, video resources, and the energy saving widget, which can be viewed on the Apple iPad. This widget was created by Faith Technologies, and is a lighting savings calculator that determines lighting energy savings in manufacturing, warehouse and office environments. The calculator determines how many watts the existing fixtures expend versus the recommended fixtures, and the annual savings both in kW/hours and dollars.

Updates on the blog can be followed by visiting the site and subscribing via e-mail or RSS. You can follow Faith Technologies on Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twitter and YouTube.